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The Luffa Farm is a small family farm, specializing in natural luffa sponges, glycerin soaps and lotions, and herbal goods. Nestled on the Nipomo Mesa in the California sunshine, we grow luxurious Luffa sponges from heirloom seeds.
Free from the harsh chemicals of imported luffas, our sponges are soft enough for daily bathing, and work well as a household cleaning sponge as well. They are not prone to mildew since they are much lighter and airier, drying much quicker than a typical luffa. Our luffas are also washable, so you will be able to experience the gentle exfoliation of your luffa for months and months (average 12 month lifespan).

Alongside our unique Heirloom Luffas, we also sell a variety of soaps and lotions, made from vegetable glycerin, infused with healing and moisturizing vitamins, minerals, and oils. Each is lightly scented in one of our 24 true-to-nature signature scents.

Passed down through generations of family members, backyard herb knowledge and usage is something close to our hearts as well. We offer an array of handmade herbal goods, ranging from herbal sachets, to bath teas, neck wraps, and more. Visit us to see all of our one-of-a-kind designs.

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please call (805) 343-0883.


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